James Scott | Embassy Row Project

A Message From Our Founder

“The next generation of international diplomacy will be led by problem solvers who utilize intergovernmental-focused institutes & think tanks to blend technological leadership and innovation, with incubators, accelerators, and finance.”

— James Scott, Embassy Row Project

Dear Reader,

My personal mission in starting the Embassy Row Project is simple – to identify and assist tomorrow’s fearless innovators, mavericks, and catalysts and to offer them the tools, tactics, and connectivity that can internationalize their efforts, and connect them to public and private sector networks that see the value in the solutions they provide.

The Genesis: A Transformative Encounter with an Aerospace & Defense Recruiter during My Senior Year of High School.

My passion for technology was ignited in high school when I was accepted into a cutting-edge STEM program. This opportunity allowed me to attend regular classes in the first half of the day and delve into the world of robotics during the second half, from 10th grade until graduation. As a troubled teen from an abusive home, Mr. Bianco’s kindness and patient guidance instilled hope and purpose in me. In a life-changing moment during my senior year, a recruiter from SGS Thomson Microelectronics (now STMicroelectronics), a Department of Defense contractor specializing in aerospace and defense technology, approached me.

This pivotal experience continues to unlock doors for me to this day. Over the years, building upon this solid foundation, I was able to expand my advisory services to encompass public and private sector stakeholders in over 50 countries. Now, I am extending this connectivity to labs, tech startups, institutes, and think tanks, empowering them to internationalize their endeavors and initiatives.

The Inception of the Embassy Row Project

In the early stages of my career, I collaborated with small, tenacious, and financially constrained think tank startups, institutes, and NGOs. Gradually, my client portfolio expanded into the international, intergovernmental, and trade bloc sectors. I was enlisted to establish or restructure niche-focused institutes that advised government collectives on a wide range of issues, from international trade to national security. Occasionally, I encountered intriguing projects hindered by financial obstacles. I began taking on these projects pro bono, and for accounting purposes, I would categorize these services as “Embassy Row Projects”.

The latest incarnation of the Embassy Row Project presents a more structured, philanthropic, and internationally-oriented strategy that offers all its services free of charge to nonprofits. Utilizing a grant and scholarship approach, ERP seeks to support small, underserved yet promising institutes, think tanks, NGOs, and tech startups.

ERP aspires to unite the next generation of leaders and initiatives that are passionately committed to driving positive change in the most challenging areas such as the environment, gender equality, child abuse and exploitation, human rights, technological innovation, and international trade collaborations that promote diversity, food security, and dignified employment with a livable wage.

Today, we proudly support over 50 institutes, think tanks, NGOs, 501c3s, and initiatives worldwide, providing all of our services free of charge.

James Scott