Ambassador Grant Application

Discover the transformative power of The Embassy Row Project, a groundbreaking philanthropic initiative pioneered by our visionary founder, James Scott.

Our mission is to empower institute, think tank, NGO, IGO, CSO, and 501c3 executive directors and executives with the next-generation tools, resources, and skills they need to drive change and make a lasting impact. If your organization’s goals align with our commitment to creating a better world, you could be part of our exclusive, fully-funded programs.

The Embassy Row Project sets the bar for excellence, meticulously selecting the best and brightest that have been tested and proven and are ready for accelerated professional development with a hyper-evolved international network ready for collaboration. Our unique approach fills the gaps left by traditional graduate and continuing education programs, offering a comprehensive suite of innovative courses, collaboration strategies, expansion frameworks, thought leadership strategies, media engagement programs, live and virtual summits, roundtable advisories, and social impact and sustainability programs.

Join the ranks of our elite Ambassador Accelerator program, the gold standard in internationalization and trade mission strategies, which has seen unparalleled success across the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and beyond. As an alumnus, you’ll join a powerful network of change-makers who have spearheaded groundbreaking intergovernmental trade collaborations, technology accelerators, critical infrastructure projects, peacebuilding programs in conflict zones, gender equality initiatives, and food programs in disenfranchised regions of the world.

Are you ready to shape the future and make a lasting impact? Apply now for a grant to unlock the life-changing potential of The Embassy Row Project’s programs. Let’s create a better world together.

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