Election Campaign Grants for

Military Veteran Candidates

Propel Your Campaign Forward with the Embassy Row Project

At the Embassy Row Project, we know that the leadership, integrity and commitment forged through military service are the very qualities most needed in our elected officials. As a non-partisan organization, we are dedicated to empowering veteran candidates from across the political spectrum who share our vision for positive change on critical issues like the environment, human rights, innovation, and global cooperation. 

When you partner with the Embassy Row Project, you gain a powerful competitive advantage. Our unmatched expertise in campaign strategy, communications, and coalition building will position you for success from day one. Even better, the Embassy Row Project works with select campaigns free of charge by offering grants to help you optimize your resources and expand your reach.

Here's what we deliver:

Engage Influential Allies

We leverage our extensive network to align your campaign with key industry groups, trade associations, think tanks and NGOs. These strategic partnerships build credibility, expand your base, and demonstrate the broad appeal of your message.

Command the Conversation

Our veteran communications team will hone your core message, prep you for high-stakes interviews, and book you on the outlets that matter most. With the Embassy Row Project in your corner, you'll drive the narrative and stay on offense.

Project Strength on the World Stage - Embassy Row Project icon

Project Strength on the World Stage

Showcase your foreign policy gravitas through the Embassy Row Project's focus on diplomacy, trade and security. We arrange profile-raising engagements with global leaders and connect you with our unrivaled international network.

Build Clout on Capitol Hill - Embassy Row Project icon

Build Clout on Capitol Hill

We'll introduce you to the power players in Congress and help forge the legislative alliances critical for advancing your agenda in Washington. Arrive at the Capitol with the relationships needed to deliver results from day one.

And that’s just the beginning. At the Embassy Row Project, we put two decades of connectivity and stakeholder advisory experience to work for you – from voter outreach to get-out-the-vote operations. Our team of seasoned professionals is ready to deliver the 360-degree campaign support you need to win.

You answered the call to serve your country in uniform. Now let the Embassy Row Project help you continue that service in elected office. Contact us today to learn more about our grant program and discuss how we can drive change together – for our nation and our world.

The the Embassy Row Project Advantage

Your victory is our mission. Take the first step today.