Embassy Row Project

The Embassy Row Project is a philanthropic initiative created by researcher James Scott and rooted in over a decade of advisory to the United States Congress, the federal government, diplomatic missions, IGOs, NGOs, and CSOs in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Mission Statement

“The Embassy Row Project strives to unify the next generation of leaders & initiatives that are hyper-focused on instigating positive change on issues that impact the environment, human rights, technological innovation, and international trade collaborations that proliferate diversity, and food security, and dignified employment with a livable wage.”

— James Scott, Embassy Row Project Founder

Our Projects

NETZERO Accelerator Logo

NETZERO Incubator & Accelerator

The NETZERO Incubator & Accelerator is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that provides an optimized conduit for international public and private sector stakeholders to collaborate on accelerated net zero and sustainability-focused strategies.

artofthehak project

ArtOfTheHak Project was founded by critical infrastructure technology advisor, cybersecurity researcher, and philanthropist James Scott with the vision to use the power of cybersecurity education as a tool for positive change.

ENVIROTECH Accelerator

Our mission is to hyper-accelerate the internationalization and strategic connectivity of our startups, incubators, and accelerator partners and to provide an agile organizational architecture that allows them to focus on pursuing their vision with passion in a virtually limitless environment.

Emancip8 Project Logo

emancip8 project

Our Mission is to Empower the Underserved, Transforming Communities, and Igniting Hope: The Emancip8 Project is committed to uplifting the marginalized, fostering resilience, and nurturing potential, as we weave a tapestry of interconnected lives and shared destinies, transcending barriers and building bridges to a brighter, more just, and compassionate world for all.

Artifakt Gallery

Artifakt Gallery is more than a mere gallery. It is an agora for engagement, a platform for discourse, and a catalyst for societal transformation. Our influence echoes across the United States, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, engaging diverse audiences and enhancing our reach.


Asean Institute

The ASEAN Institute facilitates international and intergovernmental trade collaborations in the niches of technology, energy, and infrastructure in the ASEAN trade bloc nations of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The primary strategies that we facilitate are intended to open up productive channels for communication, technology transfer, and international trade.
James Scott Institute JSI Logo

James Scott Institute

The James Scott Institute champions transformative education in cybersecurity and STEM, offering targeted scholarships and grants that empower NGOs and individuals to excel in technology and science careers.

Gotham and OZ Logo NGO Think Tank by James Scott

Gotham & OZ

Gotham & Oz pioneers transformative strategic advisory, empowering NGOs and think tanks with bespoke, free services for social change, including Crisis Response and educational support, guided by a vision of equity and connectivity.

ASEAN Institute Accelerator Logo crop

ASEAN Institute Accelerator

The ASEAN Institute Accelerator advances Southeast Asia’s tech and trade, focusing on global expansion, fostering international collaborations, and enhancing the region’s infrastructure security for a connected, prosperous future.

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