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The Embassy Row Project Launches the Emancip8 Project

The Emancip8 Project focuses on supporting human trafficking survivors, and child abuse survivors, and providing occupational training and employment for women from disenfranchised communities in developing countries.

Our “Executive Leadership” programs assist women who have earned bachelor’s and graduate degrees in gaining dignified employment with a livable wage, and an accelerated trajectory to executive and managerial level positions in the fields of environmental sustainability, carbon reduction, science and technology, and international trade. Executive Leadership program enrollees gain access to an international network of public and private sector stakeholders and the Embassy Row Project’s worldwide calendar of trade missions, international trade collaborations, intergovernmental partnerships, and more.

The Emancip8 Project’s social impact programs improve the lives of women from developing nations of the world by:

  • Providing education and training
  • Creating job opportunities
  • Empowering women for real career elevation
  • Improving gender equality
  • Supporting families
  • Investing in local communities
  • Fostering cultural exchange
  • Supporting sustainable development
  • Encouraging leadership

The Executive Leaders program assists in guiding the career development and trajectory of enrollees in the following areas:

  • Providing mentor guidance and support
  • Access to C-Suite executives as a brain trust to offer an outside perspective
  • Providing a professional ecosystem of international support
  • Providing access to resources and information
  • Advocating for program enrollees for community leadership positions
  • Helping young female executives develop self-awareness as new leaders
  • Helping young executives create a career plan
  • Providing constructive feedback and support through challenging situations in the workplace.

The Emancip8 Project helps combat human trafficking in a variety of ways:

  • We Raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and the signs to look for.
  • We work with government officials to advocate for laws and policies that will help prevent human trafficking and support victims.
  • We Collaborate with other NGOs, IGOs, and 501c3s, to coordinate efforts to combat human trafficking.
  • We Conduct research to better understand the problem of human trafficking and identify effective solutions.

The Emancip8 Project helps create jobs in sustainability and technology for women from disenfranchised regions of the world by:

  • Providing education and training programs that teach women the skills they need to work in sustainability and technology.
  • Building infrastructure such as internet access, computer labs, and renewable energy projects in disenfranchised regions, which can create jobs and improve access to technology.
  • Partnering with local organizations to create job opportunities for women in the region.
  • Investing in career development.
  • Connecting women with mentors and role models who can provide guidance and support as they enter the workforce.
  • Advocating for policies that support the hiring and promotion of women in sustainability and technology fields.
  • Conducting research to identify the specific barriers that women in disenfranchised regions face in accessing jobs in sustainability and technology and develop targeted solutions to address these barriers.

The Emancip8 Project’s women-led environmental programs educate the commercial sector on carbon reduction and sustainability best practices by:

  • Facilitating the sustainability and social impact project management initiated by the Embassy Row Project’s international family of NGOs, institutes, think tanks, and initiatives.
  • Developing and disseminating educational materials that provide information on best practices for carbon reduction and sustainability. These materials can be distributed to businesses and other organizations in the commercial sector.
  • Providing training and workshops for businesses and other organizations in the commercial sector. These can cover topics such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste reduction, and sustainable supply chain management.
  • Organizing events and conferences that bring together businesses and other organizations in the commercial sector to discuss carbon reduction and sustainability best practices.
  • Offering technical assistance and consulting services to businesses and other organizations in the commercial sector, helping them to implement sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Creating and promoting certifications and awards for businesses and other organizations in the commercial sector that demonstrate their commitment to carbon reduction and sustainability.
  • We provide incentives for businesses that implement sustainable practices.
  • The Emancip8 Project Engages with regulatory bodies, to advocate for policies that encourage sustainability in the commercial sector.

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