Twitter: A Playground for Predators

Exposing the Platform's Role in Child Trafficking, Abuse, and Exploitation

Twitter: A Playground for Predators – Exposing the Platform’s Role in Child Trafficking, Abuse, and Exploitation offers a deep dive into the disturbing reality of child exploitation on Twitter. This course aims to raise awareness of the issue and empower participants to advocate for change in the way social media platforms address child trafficking, abuse, and exploitation.

Throughout the course, participants will explore:

  • The prevalence and nature of child trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse on Twitter.
  • Twitter’s role in facilitating the trafficking and exploitation of minors and its failure to protect vulnerable users.
  • The psychological impact of child exploitation on victims and the networks of exploiters and traffickers on Twitter.
  • The challenges and opportunities in the criminal justice response to Twitter-enabled child exploitation, including current regulations and their limitations.
  • The ethics of investigating child exploitation on Twitter, balancing privacy concerns with the need for child protection.
  • The importance of digital literacy in preventing and addressing child exploitation on the platform.
  • The corporate responsibility of Twitter in addressing child exploitation and the effectiveness of the platform’s counter-trafficking efforts.
  • Strategies for combating child exploitation on Twitter and the call to action for governments, NGOs, and individuals.
  • The role of research institutes, think tanks, and activists in raising awareness, educating lawmakers, and supporting researchers who expose child trafficking and exploitation on Twitter.

This course encourages participants to critically examine the role of social media platforms like Twitter in perpetuating child exploitation and to advocate for better protection and support mechanisms for vulnerable users. By understanding the scale and impact of this issue, participants will be better equipped to contribute to the global conversation on child protection in the digital age and to demand greater accountability from all stakeholders involved.