Lost Childhood

Understanding and Combating Child Exploitation in Conflict Zones

Lost Childhood: Understanding and Combating Child Exploitation in Conflict Zones Comprehensive course that delves into the tragic reality of children facing exploitation and abuse in various conflict-affected regions worldwide. This course aims to raise awareness, promote understanding, and inspire action against the myriad forms of child exploitation in these areas.

Throughout the course, participants will explore:

  • The recruitment and forced labor of child soldiers in Afghanistan, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, as well as the challenges of demobilization and reintegration.
  • The sexual exploitation, abduction, and forced marriage of children in Syria, Nigeria, and Myanmar, as well as the impact of armed groups on Colombia’s children.
  • The health, education, and protection challenges faced by Yemen’s, Iraq’s, Mali’s, and the Philippines’ children due to ongoing conflict and violence.
  • The child labor and trafficking crisis in fragile states such as Somalia, Congo, and India, along with the challenges of addressing these issues across borders.
  • The vulnerability of unaccompanied and displaced children in conflict zones, as seen in Libya, Turkey, and Syria, and the tragedy of family separation and displacement.
  • The plight of detained, arrested, and displaced children in Palestine, Sudan, and Ethiopia, with a focus on the challenges of providing protection and assistance in camps and within communities.
Lost Childhood

By gaining insight into the harrowing experiences of these children, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the urgent need for concerted global efforts to protect and support the world’s most vulnerable populations. This course encourages participants to advocate for change and contribute to initiatives that combat child exploitation in conflict zones, ensuring a brighter future for countless children worldwide.